High Heels: a Quentin Tarantino, Mad Violence Sort of Pain

ERICA: I’ve been agonizing over shoes for my wedding. Not the ridiculously priced $400 pair of shoes I’ll likely buy to wear for my ceremony and pictures and then immediately kick off at the reception the moment no one’s looking. It’s the flip flops I plan to put on afterwards that have been keeping me up at night.

For anyone out there who plans to pull off wearing a pair of 3 or 4 inch heels all day during pictures and all night long at their wedding, I offer you mad props. Apologies to Manolo and company, but heels KILL ME. I’m talking Quentin Tarantino, mad violence sort of pain. There’s no way in hell I’d even consider keeping heels on all night without making plans to leave the reception in a wheelchair.

High-wedge thongs, 3 1/4″ heel, they’re genius.

So I’m happy to report my search has ended. Shockingly, these fantabulous flip flops recently featured on Weddingbee.com come from Victoria’s Secret. And they only cost $11!

Granted, they are kind of ugly, but they clock in at a whopping three and a quarter inches of fierce, flip flop heel height. For a girl like me who is 5’4″ (OK, I’m 5’3″, but I lie about it so much, I’ve convinced myself I’m officially one inch taller), these are just what the doctor ordered.

High Heels: a Quentin Tarantino,  Mad Violence Sort of Pain