Hill on Bill, and China

The Chicago Sun-times has blogged the transcript of Hillary’s conversation with Bloomberg’s Al Hunt.


A bit vague on China.

HUNT: Would you – if China refuses to revalue its currency in that context, would you take retaliatory measures against Beijing?

CLINTON: I would much prefer that we work together on this. [snip] They’re growing dramatically. I want them to grow. I want them to have a very positive economic future, but I don’t want us to be played for a sucker. That’s my concern about this.

And a bit vague on taxes, and her husband:

CLINTON: You know, Al, I think we have to look at the whole package. You know, I obviously am an adherent to the Clinton economic policies. I believe in fiscal responsibility and I know there are some who come on your shows and say, that’s outdated. We don’t need it. I think that’s a very dangerous position to take.

We need to figure out what is it we’re trying to achieve and then we have to look to see on both the spending side and the taxing side how we get there.

HUNT: But that would involve a higher capital gains tax.

CLINTON: I don’t know. I mean, I’m not going to …

HUNT: If you roll back the Clinton – excuse me, the Bush …

CLINTON: Well, if we went back to the Clinton policies it would. I’m not sure that that’s exactly what we should do, but I think the combination of fiscal responsibility and economic growth proves to be very positive for our country.

Hill on Bill, and China