Hillary Is Running for President!

We apologize to Serena Torrey for missing last night’s forum on third-party candidates, which New York Magazine, vis-a-vis its current package, is trying to market as the “purple party.”

Especially since Ben Smith, who as a staff of one over there is still more mobile than our temporary Politicker staff, got in and got that already-known-yet-totally-fun-to-totally-confirm tidbit out of the evening: Hillary’s Running for President!

Ben says:

There’s a famous, convenient superstition in Clintonland that you don’t look past the next election. Clinton pollster Doug Schoen, happily, isn’t the superstitious type, and delivered an unusually blunt assessment of Hillary’s 2008 plans and prospects at a New York Magazine forum on an imagined third-party movement* last night at the New School.

What’d he say?

“She undeniably is a 50-50 chance, at least,” to be elected president, he said. “Senator Clinton…has the luxury of being able to position herself toward the center as time goes forward…[leaving the] opening and opportunity on the left wing of the [Democratic] party.”

Schoen went on at some length on the topic; see Ben’s blog for more.

Then again, third-party symposiums are symptoms of early days in an election. Aren’t they? We hope?

– Tom McGeveran

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Hillary Is Running for President!