Honored and Gratified

The endorsements wheel keeps churning, churning…

Attorney General candidates Mark Green and Andrew Cuomo both picked up endorsements today. Green was “gratified” to receive the support of former Nebraska Senator and current New School chief Bob Kerrey (what his campaign called a “major endorsement), while Cuomo was “honored” to accept the support of former City Council Speaker Peter Vallone.

We congratulate both candidates on the new names they can add to their mailings, but we’ve got to ask: is anyone going to vote for Mark Green or Andrew Cuomo because Peter Vallone or Bob Kerrey gave them the thumbs up?

(Over at the Daily Politics, Ben has a nice description of the Green-Kerrey endorsement press conference this morning, during which even Green couldn’t resist asking, does-this-really-matter?)

— Lizzy Ratner

Honored and Gratified