In the 10th

In other Brooklyn news, an insider tells the Politicker they believe it will be difficult for Roger Green and Kevin Powell to make it past the petitioning process in the 10th congressional district race against incumbent Ed Towns.

The reasoning: Powell, a newcomer to politics, is having trouble with a history of violent behavior. (Errol Louis recently quoted his memoir Who’s Gonna Take the Weight? “He cites two college incidents, ‘one where I hit a female student in the head with a stapler during the course of an argument, and the other where I got into a punch-throwing exchange with a female student I had sexed and then discarded like an old pair of shoes.'”)

There’s also been erosion of Roger Green’s base of support since he resigned his assembly seat in 2004 (although he was re-elected that year). The source seems to believe that Charles Barron may be the most formidable candidate against Towns.

Towns has run into his own problems though, on his vote for CAFTA for instance, which might hurt him.

—Nicole Brydson

In the 10th