Kuhl District

Roll Call (subscription) reported yesterday that a poll prepared for Randy Kuhl’s Democratic challenger, Eric Massa, has the Republican leading by three points, which is within the 4.4 percent error margin.

Although in a Republican dominated district, Kuhl is one incumbent of many that Democrats believe they can oust in this year’s midterm elections. In 2004, Kuhl won the district with 51% of the vote.

From Roll Call:

In the poll, 33 percent of the voters had a positive view of Kuhl’s job performance, while 50 percent had a negative opinion.

“Add yet another incumbent to the growing list that national GOP groups will be asked to bail out,” pollster Alan Secrest wrote in his polling memo.

The Rochester Democrat & Chronicle reported last week on Kuhl’s proud moment in front of the camera with President Bush, noting that it was Karl Rove who had snapped the picture. It was Kuhl that persuaded the president to visit Canandaigua last month.

An excerpt:

Democrats say it could be dangerous to pose for pictures with a president whose job approval rating has plummeted to the mid-30 percent range in recent polls. Bush lost New York in both the 2000 and 2004 elections, but won in Kuhl’s district.

—Nicole Brydson

Kuhl District