Last Word on Woody


Earlier this year, The Observer spent plenty of time on what is widely considered Manhattan’s best townhouse block, East 70th Street, between Park and Lexington Avenues.

On Jan. 19, The Observer first reported that director Woody Allen had signed a contract on a 20-foot townhouse that was listing for $25.9 million. A week later, a few more details emerged in Manhattan Transfers.

Sure, the final selling price on Mr. Allen’s future home is still unknown, but several luxury brokers offered their expert estimates to The Observer, with the prevailing opinion being that it will most likely sell for below asking–somewhere in the $20 million to $22 million range.

Indeed, the townhouse has now closed for a few million dollars less than asking, as the New York Post reported this past weekend. Final price: $22.625 million.

Michael Calderone

Last Word on Woody