Michael Calderone’s Flatiron Landgrab

Mr. Calderone at work.

On April 13, the New York Observer‘s Manhattan Transfers columnist and ace real estate reporter Michael Calderone seized an empty desk in the Observer‘s bullpen. In what was an apparently bloodless takeover, Mr. Calderone resigned his long-term seat in what is commonly called “Bitch Alley,” and commandeered the former desk of reporter Jessica Bruder, which has been vacant for some months.

Mr. Calderone was previously the only reporter to sit in the so-called “Bitch Alley,” a row of desks in the center of the bullpen, often occupied by interns and fax machines. His new desk is a deservedly grand corner affair, with its own lamp.

This week, Mr. Calderone filed his first vacation request, which was for one day off. He has worked at the Observer since December, 2004.
—Choire Sicha Michael Calderone’s Flatiron Landgrab