Mister Softee Sings Songs of Innocence and Experience

MADELEINE: I’m one of those generally despised people who doesn’t have to work to stay thin. I’ve never had to give it much thought. Until now.

Maybe it’s the pressure to look perfect on my wedding day, or maybe it’s that still slightly too small gown that’s haunting me. But this is the first time in my life that I’ve started turning down desserts and I don’t like it. I miss chocolate chip cookies, molten chocolate cake and Snickers bars.


But most of all I miss Mister Softee.

Mister Softee sits on my corner with his happy truck playing the Mister Softee song day in and day out, quietly beckoning me to his soft ice cream.

“Madeleine,” he says, “you can have one of my cones. They’re good for you.”

Mister Softee is a liar and his friendly facade is beginning to reveal its evil.

I sprint past his truck watching children and grown-ups gobbling chocolate cones with rainbow sprinkles, and the occasional snow cone. I go home and eat grapes.

Mister Softee Sings Songs of  Innocence and Experience