Move Over Target

Just like on Friends!

Today, Forbes tracks the most expensive household items of 2006.

Any of these products could spruce up one’s apartment, whether it’s the Zuber wall paper which runs up to $42,000 or the (awe-inspiring) Sub Zero fridge that will cost around $12,000.

For us, the Foosball Table really stands out, with a starting price of around $43,000.

Opus tables are hand-crafted in wood and stainless steel. And thanks to an advanced lighting system, the frosted-glass surface can be illuminated from below in different colors. What’s more, during the 16 weeks it takes to build each table, you can have the players personalized with photographs of your favorite soccer stars or your family and friends.

Even with this helpful slideshow, most of us will probably stick to Target or Crate & Barrel.

Michael Calderone

Move Over Target