My Ring’s Like My Blankey

ERICA: I forgot to wear my ring today.

I had breakfast, took a shower, got dressed and walked out my front door and into the world without it.

It’s not like I was turning away free mocha lattes at Starbucks from tall, dark and handsome suitors who were noticing my bare ring finger, but it just doesn’t feel right to me to be out in the world without it on. I kind of feel like a fraud. Or maybe I’ve become dependent on it–like its my “blankey” or Grover stuffed animal that I used to drag around as a kid.

Wearing my ring makes me feel – almost powerful. I notice others looking at it sometimes on the subway or in an elevator and I’m often unsure if they are just admiring it, or perhaps thinking to themselves “wow, she’s engaged?” (Hello insecurity. You remember me, I’m you’re good friend Erica.)

Of course I also really love my ring because it reminds of Greg..and our wedding…and all the really nice things I suppose an engagement ring should bring to mind.

My Ring’s Like My Blankey