NYT: We Were Wrong All Along

The New York Times concedes that the Atlantic Yards project is not located in “downtown Brooklyn” but in Prospect Heights and Park Slope.

Our favorite part of the correction:

(The error also appeared in sports articles on Feb. 9 and April 11, in the City section on Jan. 15 and in several articles in 2003, 2004 and 2005.)

This has got to rank among our all-time favorite Times corrections, which also include:

In yesterday’s issue, The New York Times did not report on riots in Milan and the subsequent murder of the lay religious reformer Erlembald. These events took place in 1075, the year given in the dateline under the nameplate on Page 1. The Times regrets both incidents. (March 11, 1975)


An article about Ivana Trump and her spending habits misstated the number of bras she buys. It is two dozen black, two dozen beige and two dozen white, not 2,000 of each. (October 22, 2000)

This has been a personal crusade of blogger Norman Oder for the past six months, although he is still not satisfied. The Times has made piecemeal progress in adopting Oder’s language. But some very interesting editorial happenings must have led to such a wholesale correction.

Matthew Schuerman NYT: We Were Wrong All Along