One of Oprah’s ‘A-ha’ Moments

ERICA: Oprah talks about “a-ha” moments on her show all the time. It’s when you finally really get an idea and it just clicks into place in your head.

I had my “a-ha” moment about losing weight tonight while watching an episode of Primetime Live that got stuck on my tivo. The show was about game theory and an experiment they did with 5 people who were struggling to lose weight and not losing any on their own. The setup was this: lose 15 pounds in two months or you have to appear on national television in a bikini.

Of course, I immediately thought to myself: THIS is what I need! Yes, this could actually work.

That’s when the “A-ha” moment began: How far had I spiralled into maniacal reasoning. I thought my only hope for losing weight before the wedding was to figure out a way to get on a news magazine show, so that the producers can threaten to release pictures of me in a bikini on national TV, finally giving me the impetus necessary to lose weight.



I’m the girl who had never even run around the block before and decided I wanted to run a marathon (I did). Who’s in control here, me or Magnolia Bakery!?

F**K cupcakes.

One of Oprah’s ‘A-ha’ Moments