Outdated Prices in the Public Sector?

The Citizens Budget Commission recently released a study called, “Old Assumptions, New Realities: The Truth About Wages and Retirement Benefits For Government Employees.” (pdf)

The new reality, according to CBC, is that in most cases public sector jobs in New York pay more than their private sector counterparts with generous benefit packages factored in.

The latest numbers–from 2004–show that total compensation for public sector employees averages at $35.16 per hour, 47% higher then their counterparts in the private sector who make an average of $23.90 per hour.

These outdated prices, they say, are expensive and “would be better spent on other priorities such as enhancing public services or bringing taxes more in line with those of the cities with which New York competes for jobs and residents.”

—Nicole Brydson

Outdated Prices in the Public Sector?