Politics are Local at Ground Zero

Michael Bloomberg’s bid to increase his control of redevelopment at Ground Zero looks like it has some support. And Pataki’s national pitch as the guy who was here on Sept. 11 appears to be hitting a road-bump.

Today’s Quinnipiac poll, which we found out about first from Capitol Confidential, has 67 percent of New York City voters placing him at the top of the decision-making process. Only 15 percent gave that role to Pataki. Less than a year ago, 24 percent gave him the top spot at Ground Zero. (66 percent said Corzine should keep well away.)

And, bad news for Pataki, who should just abandon the whole Ground Zero legacy idea anyway:

Forty-eight percent said Pataki has had a negative role in the development arena – that’s unchanged from a March Q poll, while Bloomberg’s positive number has gone up slightly from 65 last month to 67 this month.

– Tom McGeveran Politics are Local at Ground Zero