ProHo Photo Hop

BBG Gate.jpg
The new gate to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, “stainless steel patterned with cherry leaves and branches,” designed by Polshek Partnership Architects.

Here we are back with another photo stroll, this time in Brooklyn’s Prospect Heights: a pizza slice of a neighborhood just east of Park Slope, with the southern crust formed by Eastern Parkway, the other edge defined by Washington Avenue, and the point located at the intersection of Atlantic and Flatbush avenues. Okay, for those who know their geography, it’s a funny pizza slice. If we had better art or computer skills we’d draw it for you. But you can find it on a map pretty easily.

It’s a neighborhood of tree-lined streets and rehabbed row houses slashed through with broad avenues. The southern part has grand apartment buildings; the northern edge tends to have more vacant lots and large warehouses. These are located within the proposed footprint for Forest City Ratner’s Atlantic Yards project, and are often cited as evidence that the area is blighted. It is hard to imagine, however, that anywhere within this pizza slice would remain blighted for long. Come inside and see for yourself …

Lady Liberty.jpg

Lady Liberty! What are you doing here? Behind the musum stands a 37-foot high replica that was originally situated atop the Liberty Warehouse on West 64th Street.

Cow Foot Soup.jpg

Around the corner and down Washington Avenue, one of a dwindling number of West Indian food stores, complete with sidewalk grill for the summer.


Shoes hanging from wires at intersections (here, Washington Avenue and St. John’s) mean “Welcome to the Neighborhood.”

Name this Street.jpg

Hey, you almost thought you were in Park Slope, no?


Tom’s Restaurant, famous for having been ringed by neighbors holding hands during one of Brooklyn’s racial disturbances in years past. The current owner, however, will tell you, “Don’t believe everything you read.”

Street Garden.jpg

A community garden on St. Marks Avenue. This is the rough-and-ready Red Hook-y side of the nabe.


Alexandre Tchistov and Jared Greenhouse, co-owners of Sorrel restaurant on Carlton Avenue. This is the chi-chi, West Village-y side of the nabe.

Freddy's Vigil.jpg

A vigil inside Freddy’s, ground zero of the anti-Ratner movement, and one of several businesses that will be displaced if Atlantic Yards moves forward. Get the double entendre here?

Vanderbilt Yard.jpg

And finally, the M.T.A.’s Vanderbilt Yard, described by Atlantic Yards supporters as an open wound dividing Prospect Heights from Fort Greene, would be covered over for that project and bedecked with Frank Gehry buildings.

—Words and Pictures By Matthew Schuerman

ProHo Photo Hop