Quiz: [em]Cookie[/em] or [em]Playboy[/em]?

The following passages appear in either the May-June 2006 Cookie (“All the Best for Your Family”) or the May 2006 Playboy (“Entertainment for Men”). Which is which? Answers after the jump.

1. “I found myself in the morning with my head at the foot of the bed and my feet at the pillow.”

2. “Favorite author and why: Shel Silverstein–his wit + wisdom are infectious!”

3. “Because kids are normally less than thrilled about getting braces, their parents will often point out my teeth to show them the results.”

4. “[T]ry all the usual alternatives to penetration. Remember that big milky bosoms mean really useful cleavage.”

5. “Throw in rugged mountain ranges, countless trout streams, and the U.S. kite-surfing capital at Hood River.”

6. “The simplest pick-up-and play you’ll find is on the candy-colored fields of Mario Superstar Baseball (GameCube).”

7. “Opened in 1914, the Huntington was the pet project of railroad tycoon and art collector Henry Huntington, who put so much money into it that it was considered one of California’s poshest resorts.”

8. “I’m pregnant with my first child, and I’d like to hear the truth about circumcision.”

9. “[F]eel like MacGyver (includes hammer, bottle opener, knife, file, saws, and wrench).”

10. “Pity MacGyver. He could make a bomb out of toothpaste and an old shoe, but could he listen to Led Zeppelin IV on his pocketknife?”

1. Cookie
2. Playboy
3. Playboy
4. Cookie
5. Cookie
6. Playboy
7. Cookie
8. Playboy
9. Cookie
10. Playboy

Quiz: [em]Cookie[/em] or [em]Playboy[/em]?