Russ Feingold’s Straight-Talk Express

Political earnestness alert.

It’s hard not to love Russ Feingold for this:

“Gay and lesbian people in our country are fighting a mean-spirited movement to harm them and to discriminate against them. I stand with them against that movement, and I’m proud to stand with them.”

It’s not so much the position he’s taking, which I happen to endorse, as the common-sense, Upper-Midwestern-Lefty frankness that appeals.

It’s the same with the censure motion. I know it’s divisive. But is there any Democrat who doesn’t know exactly what the guy is talking about? There’s very little circumlocution here.

Am I wrong?

Not very presidential, though, which is too bad.

– Tom McGeveran

Russ Feingold’s Straight-Talk Express