State BOE Makes A Decision

The New York State Board of Elections send out a release on its new voting system standards, which they say go beyond the Help America Vote Act.

From the release:

— All new voting equipment must adhere to the 2005 Voluntary Voting System Guidelines adopted by the US Election Assistance Commission — making New York State one of the first in the nation to test all equipment to these standards.

— All testing will be conducted in a transparent process.

— All testing and certification reports (with the exception of some security functions) will be public records posted on the State Board of Elections website.

— Voting machine manufacturers are required to submit detailed system security analyses concerning their equipment; and,

— Voting machine manufacturers are required to submit affidavits with their applications for certification that make detailed disclosures of all political contributions and all litigation relating to any issue concerning the operation of their voting system; and, any interest of the manufacturer in any independent testing laboratory.

—Nicole Brydson

State BOE Makes A Decision