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The Medium is the MASSAGE, by Marshall McLuhan and Quentin Fiore

Annotated index for And You Thought Abercrombie & Fitch Was Pushing It?, by Jaime Wolf, The New York Times Magazine, April 23, 2006.

Abercrombie & Fitch (clothing manufacturer), 58
Adbusters (magazine), 61
Adult Video News (a/k/a AVN), 61
Allen, Woody (director), 63 (See: Hannah and Her Sisters)
Alonzo, Iris, American Apparel creative partner, 62
American commodity manufacturing, Charney fixation on, 62
American Apparel, 58-63
Araki, Nobuyoshi (photographer), 60; 63
Asymmetrical features, 60 (see also: ethnic, mixed-race, imperfect bodies, blemished skin, and visible sweat stains)

Baby Boomers, 62; 63
Bare chest, Dov Charney’s, sometimes visible in American Apparel ads, 61
Benetton (retailer), multiculturalism of, 63
Blogosphere, location for advertising, 60
Brady, Marsha (supervisor of décor), 62
Broadband venture, 60
Burlington, VT, 60

Canada, as birthplace of Marshall McLuhan, 60
Chanaye, 18-year-old self-professed hippie of Afro-Cuban descent, 60
Charney, Dov, 58-63
Chicago (Illinois), location of sexual harassment suit against Charney, 63
Concise 48 Laws of Power, The (author, Robert Greene), 60
Consumerism, yoked to political gestures and activism, 61 (see: Political gestures)
Cwir, Weronika, law school drop-out, American Apparel theorist, 63

Dawson’s Creek (TV series), 60
Dixon, Willie (blues songwriter), 61

Echo Park (Los Angeles), location of American Apparel store, 60; as home of Dov Charney, 60 (see: Lower East Side)
Email, photographs sent via, 62; input through, 62
Eisenhower, generation of, 62

Fantastic Man (obscure art-hipster publication), 61
Fonda, Jane (actress), enlarged photo of, 63
Florida, location of Charney’s childhood vacations, 62
Frankfurt (Germany), location of American Apparel store, 60
Fruit of the Loom (brand), 62

Gap, model for American Apparal, 60; Gap, rules of, 60; Gap, standards of sandblasted, bland notion of good-looking young Americans, 60, pop-culture site, 60
Girl Next Door, The, 61
Girls Gone Wild, stupidly raunchy phenomenon, 61
Goldin, Nan (photographer), 63

Hannah and Her Sisters, 80s film, 63 (See: Woody Allen)
Hanes (brand), 62; 63
Hefner, Hugh (publisher), Charney reminiscent of, 61; expanded definition of sexuality of, 61; Sexual relationships with employees of, 61; Subtlety of, 61
Henley shirt, origins of, 62
Hepburn, Audrey, 62
Hilton, Paris, 61
Hollywood, standards of glamour of, 61

Instant-messaging, input through, 62

Jacques-Charley, pet project of Charney and Alonzo, 63; French pronunciation of, 63 (See: Zhac-Sharlee)
Jane (magazine), revealing profile of Charney in, 63 (see: Claudine Ko)
Job definitions, fluidity of in American Apparel, 62

Knits, clingy, 60
Ko, Claudine (magazine writer), revealing profile of Charney written by, 63
Kuczynski, Alex (reporter), 60

L.A. Weekly (alternative newspaper), 61
Levi’s 501’s, iconic, 62
London (England), location of American Apparel store, 60
Los Angeles, location of American Apparel store, 60; location of sexual harassment suit against Charney, 63
Lower East Side (New York), location of American Apparel store, 60; 62; as home of Dov Charney, 60 (See: Echo Park)

Makeup, unacceptability in American Apparel ads, 62
McLuhan, Marshall, 60
Mexico City, location of American Apparel store, 60; next cool city, 62
Mexico City Monthly (bilingual publication), available at American Apparel stores, 62
Miami Beach (Florida), location for American Apparel store, 63
Minimum wage, American Apparel workers paid double, 60
Montreal, birthplace of Charney, 62
Monogamy, non-preoccupation with among new adult generation, 63
MySpace (social network), 60

Na pograniczu kiczu i absolutnego piekna, Polish translation of, 63
Nafta (North American Free Trade Agreement), life in Canada before, 62
Naked people, beauty of, 60
National Geographic, style of cheesecake, 60

O.C., The (TV series), 60
Onion, The (alternative newpaper), 61
Oui (magazine), used as in store displays, 60

Page, Bettie, 60
Paris (France), location of American Apparel store, 60
Penthouse (magazine), used as in store displays, 60
Pizzaroni, Luca, friend of Charney, 60
Piercings, unacceptability in American Apparel ads, 62
Platonic ideals, T-shirts exemplified, 60
Pleasure, heightened state of in American Apparel ads, 60
Political gestures, yoked to certain modes of consumerism, 61 (See: Consumerism)
Plucked and trimmed eyebrows, unacceptability in American Apparel ads, 62
Polynesia, girls of, 60
Purple Fashion (obscure art-hipster publication), 61


Richardson, Terry (photographer), 61
Russell Athletic (T-shirt), 62

Safde, Moshe (architect), uncle of Charney, 62
Safdie, Sylvia (painter, sculptor), mother of Charney, 62
Santa Cruz, U.C. (American university), 62
Schmatte business, 60
Seoul (Korea), location of American Apparel store, 60
Sharper Image (retailer), vision of hipster version of, 63 (See: 7-11)
7-Elevan (retailer), for hipsters, 63; (See: Sharper Image)
Sexual harassment (lawsuit against Charney), 60; 63
Short hair (female), unnaturalness of, 62
Soprano, Tony (TV character), 63
Sperry Top-Sider (shoes), 62
Spunt, Alexandra, American Apparel senior content advisor, 62
Suicide Girls (website), 61

Tattoos, unacceptability in American Apparel ads, 62; possibility of Charney falling in love with a girl who has, 62
Tel Aviv (Israel), location of American Apparel store, 60
Tokyo (Japan), location of American Apparel store, 60
Tighty Whitey (underwear), impressive achievement of style resurgence, 63
Tufts University (American university), education of Charney at, 62

Underwear, Charney’s pride in adult film star wearing, 61

Vanity Fair (magazine), favorably compared to Vice, 61
Vertical Integration, business model, 60
Vice, anti-P.C. lifestyle magazine; 61; “Our Vanity Fair,” 61
Village Voice, The (alternative newspaper), 61
Vintage T-shirt, ‘rad’-ness of, 62

Warhol, Andy (artist), early hand-painted works, 60
Whole Foods (grocer), 61
Wolf, Howlin’ (blues singer), 61


Yonehara, Yasumasa (photographer), 60
Young Metropolitan Adults, definition of, 61; Aggressively sexualized world of, 61;

Zhac-Sharlee, French pronunciation of Jacques-Charley, 63 (See: Jacques-Charley)

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