Sugar Factory Death Knell

The Revere sugar facory–R.I.P.?

We just got word that the Revere sugar factory, which sits in between the Ikea site and the just-open-already! Fairway grocery store in Red Hook, barely dodged the Industrial Business Zone bullet today. Thor Equities, which bought the site last year for $40 million, wants to develop the property into residential and commercial buildings. But standing in its way was the likely I.B.Z. designation that the area was due to receive.

Update: We’ve got the final Southwest Brooklyn I.B.Z. map after the jump.

Under the I.B.Z. designation, the Bloomberg administration:
–guarantees “not to support the rezoning of industrial property for residential use”;
–will strengthen zoning enforcement through increased monitoring and inspections of illegally converted buildings;
–impose greater fines for illegal conversions;
–give a one-time $1,000-per-worker tax credit to business that move to a I.B.Z.

But the sugar factory is now merely in the I.B.Z. ombudsman area (shown in pink on map), just out of the I.B.Z. proper, which will allow Thor Equities much more latitude in its future developments.

Southwest Final Proposed_e.png
The newly amended Southwest Brooklyn I.B.Z. map.

From the “New York City Industrial Policy: Protecting and Growing New York City’s Industrial Job Base” white paper:

Outside IBZs, mixed-use neighborhoods present unique challenges to industrial businesses and their neighbors. The City is committed to supporting businesses in these areas through services provided by the new Industrial Ombudsman Program that will operate out of nearby BSCs.

BSCs near mixed-use districts will provide an “on the ground” ombudsman to assist local businesses as necessary. This individual will:

•Develop strong relationships with the business community to understand, identify and respond to area problems;
•Serve as the first point of contact for questions or issues as they arise;
•Provide direct access to incentive and assistance programs offered by SBS and other City
agencies; and
•Help resolve maintenance or regulatory issues.

Basically, help retain industrial uses without the regulations imposed within the I.B.Z. boundaries.

-Matthew Grace

Sugar Factory Death Knell