Sunset Stroll

We thought tomorrow’s weather was going to be like today’s, so, underdressed and overconfident, we took a gander at several

We thought tomorrow’s weather was going to be like today’s, so, underdressed and overconfident, we took a gander at several new developments in the Sunset Park neighborhood, strolled about Green-Wood Cemetery, gazed at the tombstones and statuary, found ourselves locked in, and made a daring escape (over the fence, hyperextending our hip).

After the jump: Some residential projects are going up–we got pix!–but we need help in identifying one. Also: Parrots are the new ravens, and they got prime real estate.

679 Fourth Avenue.

First up: Iuliano Realty’s big wraparound project at 184 21st Street/679 Fourth Avenue. According to D.O.B. records, the project’s only supposed to be four stories tall, but we count six here. Perhaps with the recent rezoning of this area, they get extra stories because of the Fourth Avenue side bonus. Regardless, this building is a monster. The D.O.B. says it’ll only be 10 residential units–we think it’ll be more.

710 and 712 Sixth Avenue.

Next, closer to the cemetery on a quiet residential block, 710 Sixth Avenue. This looks like it’ll be done by the end of the year, a six-story, 10-unit out-of-character building that nonetheless could be much worse (see rendering). Next to it is 712 Sixth Avenue (under the blue tarp), a four-story, eight-unit building. According to the D.O.B., this project’s been happening since 2003. We’ve no idea what’s taking so long.

710 Sixth Avenue rendering.

Now we move into the cemetery, where we espied this building-in-the-works. Due to being lost, hungry and, frankly, scared of the undead, we had no idea which direction we were looking in. Please send in any tips if you recognize this development.

What is it?

Dear God, a pyramid, a lion and a woman nursing a baby? Yeap, this is how we wanna go out. This is like Elvis-quality camp. Eat a peanut-butter ad banana sandwich on the crapper and die. Then get buried in this beast. Holy crap.

“It’s Hard Down Here, Being Buried Like a Pimp.”

Whence we came, we return.

Lastly, the wild parrots of Green-Wood Cemetery have the best real estate of all. At the main building at the entrance of the park, the parrots have taken over the spires, packing them full of branches and twigs, and have created a large colony. They’re loud, they poop all over, but unlike pigeons their poop doesn’t destroy the building’s facade. So the cemetery management welcomes them, as they displace the native pigeon population. Our picture here is crap; for better resolution–and much info–go to

There are parrots in that there buildin’.

-Matthew Grace Sunset Stroll