The Favor of a Reply is Requested

MADELEINE: Whenever I get an invitation to an event, I’m always quick to send the reply card back. I figure, why let it sit around my house needlessly when it could be in the hands of the person throwing the lovely party? Sadly, very few other people seem to live by these very simple rules of etiquette.

Wedding Bounty Hunter.

“The favor of a reply is requested before the twenty-fourth of April.” This seems pretty straightforward to me. It does not mean send the reply card back in May, or hang onto it forever. And it’s not an arbitrary date we picked out of nowhere. . .we need to have a final headcount next week in order to meet with and pay our caterer and florist.

But here I sit on April 21, and we are missing 31 response cards (i.e. about 60 people). I’ve been told that this happens to everyone planning a wedding, so I guess it’s my turn.

I understand that some people may be working out travel details, or asking for time off from work. But then they should pick up the phone and tell me that

I don’t enjoy playing Wedding Bounty Hunter and I shouldn’t have to stalk potential guests. Will I have to send a car to pick them up on the day of my wedding to make sure they get there? Maybe I should buy them dresses and some shoes too.

In case this whole process seems too complicated for our procrastinating guests, here’s what needs to be done:

1) Take out reply card.
2) Check “accept” or “regret” and write your name in the space provided.
3) Put card into pre-stamped envelope.
4) Seal envelope.
5) Walk to that blue box on your corner, otherwise known as a mailbox.
6) Open blue box.
7) Throw card into blue box.

The Favor of a Reply is Requested