The Mayor’s Green Thumb

Park rangers replaced rabid anti-war protesters this morning at an unusually muted Union Square Park, where Mayor Bloomberg came to kick off what is apparently garden week in New York City. After being assisted by an aide in the rolling up of his sleeves, the Mayor helped some kids dressed up like bees plant flowers. “Am I violating any union law by doing this?” the Mayor asked.

It turns out the Mayor’s thumb is green, and not just from handling all those greenbacks.

He spoke about the “long history of farmers in the family” and remembered fondly the vegetable garden he took care of as a child, growing “rhubarb, carrots, squash, corn – I don’t remember it working.”

And for all those wondering why the city has climbed to 11th place in the rankings of worst cities for allergy sufferers, blame it on the flowers.

“New York City is blooming with more flowers than at any time in our history,” said the mayor in a statement.

-Jason Horowitz The Mayor’s Green Thumb