Vegan Bakery Faces Eviction

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Whole Earth Bakery & Kitchen

Anyone who has strolled down St. Marks recently can attest to the obvious changes that have taken place in the neighborhood over the past decade.

The building that housed Coney Island High went condo years ago, and chain stores like Quiznos keeping showing up.

Now, Whole Earth Bakery & Kitchen–another neighborhood mainstay–may soon shutter.

“The landlord has refused to renew my lease,” said owner Peter Silvestri. “Weve been here since 1991. The neighborhood has changed significantly over time.”

When Mr. Silvestri took over the store (which had been a vegetarian cookery since 1982) in the early 1990’s, things were quite different.

“There was a full-fledged riot going on in Tompkins Square Park,” he said. ” It was an occuppied neighborhood.”

Now, according to Mr. Silvestri, the bakery is being forced to close on May 31, as his ten-year lease expires. But the owner has not given up yet.

“We have a petition that people are signing, he said. ” We have close to 1,000 names.”

Michael Calderone

Vegan Bakery Faces Eviction