We Got The Hits–Hits.

They were winning without the new song.

The Mets came out with a new theme song today, which like its title (“Our Team. Our Time.”) and the advertising slogan it accompanies (“The Team. The Time. The Mets.”), celebrates terminal punctuation. Our question: Can 45,000 fans rap all at the same time?

Maybe if they kick it old-school booty-house enough.

Like this! (Uh, hit play, if you dare.)

(Or download it here, if you prefer.)

New York Mets.
Our Team. Our Time.
We got the hits–hits.

We score the runs–runs.

We shut you down–down.
We’re number one–one.
New York Mets.
Our team. Our time.

A press release accompanying the song states: “T.J.S. Marketing Group of Smithtown, N.Y., and Breakthru Productions of Orange, N.J., spontaneously created the new song for the Mets….”

Uh-huh. Just how spontaneous was it?

(By the way, we’re not finding the song on the team’s Web site, as promised.)

Matthew Schuerman

We Got The Hits–Hits.