Wedding Dead Time, It Happens to Everyone

MADELEINE: It’s a month and a half before my wedding. I’ve been told this is wedding “dead time.”

I sit and wait patiently for reply cards to arrive in the mail. But with a ton of procrastinators on my guest list, it’s unlikely that I’ll have a headcount until the last possible minute. And without that, I can’t meet with my florist, my caterer, and a laundry list of others. Hence, the suspension of activity.

‘Here I am, Madeleine.’

So I start calling other vendors that don’t need a headcount, like my videographer and my DJ. Their helpful responses are: “it’s really too early for us to meet now,” and “it’s more normal to meet two or three weeks before the wedding.” I’m not sure how normal it is to have 10 meetings in the span of one week (which is what it’ll end up being) while trying to hold down a job.

So the weeks tick by and I start to wonder how on earth this will all get done by May 21st without the help of a fairy godmother and a magic wand.

Wedding Dead Time,  It Happens to Everyone