Wednesday: Borders in Brooklyn

We’re a little late this morning because Riva Froymovich, our trusty and talented Real Estate intern, had her last day yesterday, and, well, I hadn’t realized how labor-intensive these morning-read entries are.

Anyway, here’s what we’ve been reading on the Web this morning:

  • Charlie Bagli’s take on the latest Silverstein/Ground Zero developments. (The New York Times)
  • Michael Flatley has set a record in the Martha’s Vineyard real-estate market, with his $25.17 million purchase in Edgartown. (The Boston Globe, via Luxist)
  • The ornate lobby of the redone Williamsburg Savings Bank is going to house a Borders bookstore, according to Lois Weiss. (The New York Post)
  • The effect of local gas prices on housing markets. (Matrix)
  • New-development porn in Brooklyn and Queens, now available on overworked-architect H. Thomas O’Hara’s Web site. (Curbed)
  • – Tom McGeveran Wednesday: Borders in Brooklyn