Yassky’s First Podcast

Ben Smith, over at The Daily Politics, has an interview with David Yassky, running for the 11th congressional district in Brooklyn.

Yassky continued on with his message that the racial issue is more present “among the politicos and the politicians then among voters,” who, he believes, “want the person who will do the best job for them.”

On the issue of the targeted campaign flyer posted here last week, Ben asked Yassky if he gave up a color blind high ground in a campaign with a strong racial component.

“Our community doesn’t mean just the Jewish community,” he said. “I don’t think it gives up on the high ground more than advertising on Spanish language radio gives up on the high ground or advertising on radio stations that are thought to play more to an African American listenership, both of which I will certainly be doing and candidates throughout New York City do all the time. I’m going to campaign and bring my message to every corner of this district, literally every block of the district, and will certainly be trying to reach voters in every way we can; and some of that means trying to target to people who will be listening to a particular radio that caters to a certain ethnicity.”

Later today, Ben will have a podcast with Carl Andrews, one of Yassky’s opponents.

—Nicole Brydson Yassky’s First Podcast