A Hole in Green’s Silk Stocking

Maybe they really like Andrew Cuomo.

Or maybe it was just a concession to the polls.

(I’m going with the latter.)

But last night, the executive committee of the Lexington Democratic Club – the oldest and largest club in the heart Mark Green’s home base on the East Side of Manhattan — voted to endorse Andrew Cuomo.

Following the lead of Jonathan Bing, a club member who was the first elected official on the East Side to endorse Cuomo, the Lexington Democrats went for him by a vote 20-13, despite the fact that nearly all of the Club’s six District Leaders and two State Committee members recommended supporting Green.

Needless to say, this is not helpful to Green’s efforts to build support heading into the Democratic State Convention in Buffalo on Memorial Day weekend.

The club’s general membership votes on June 1. A Hole in Green’s Silk Stocking