A Housing Development without Housing

AY Brochure.jpg
Now coming to your neighborhood, too.

It’s amazing the folks at Develop–Don’t Destroy Brooklyn and Atlantic Yards Report did not rip up their copies of Forest City Ratner’s new marketing-and-p.r. brochure on Atlantic Yards right when it arrived. They clearly detest the thing. Instead, they PDF’d it for all to enjoy and made the rather startling observation that the 12-page brochure, which is arriving at Brooklyn addresses this week, does not show any sketches of the actual buildings in this 6,900-unit apartment complex, only shots of the brownstone Brooklyn neighborhoods that have spawned the project’s fiercest opponents. (In the one exception, a nondescript building stands in the background obscured by a sort of Japanese garden.) Maybe because if people saw how high the towers were (up to 650 feet), they wouldn’t want to live there?

Another observation: according to the brochure, the permanent jobs (now down to 3,800 from an original estimate of 10,000) will be “provided” by the development, not “created.”

Matthew Schuerman A Housing Development without Housing