A Pink Wedding Dress With Pockets! (Just 17 Minutes in Carolina Herrera)

ERICA: We bought my wedding dress yesterday and from start to finish the entire process took about 17 minutes (yep folks, that includes trying the dress on). I know some brides take months hunting down the perfect lacey, frothy fantasy number, and hey…we all work at our own pace. Mine just happens to be greased lightning.

I’m happy to report that true love IS forever. Me and my long-admired fantasy frock have now been officially united! I only tried on one dress, but that was all I needed.

A picture is out of the question (dream on Greg), but I can share some key details:

* My dress is PINK, not white
* It’s a Carolina Herrera
* It has pockets! (a feature I am seriously in love with–pockets rock)
* It is NOT strapless and is NOT a ballgown. Cinderella be damned!
* Despite my fears, I did not have to order it in a size that made me want to take a nosedive off of the Brooklyn Bridge (well, maybe a mini nosedive).
* They will ship it to California for me, so I don’t have to experience a panicked plane ride in which I envision a scene from “24” with terrorists who stow away in the cargo hold, ransack the luggage and use my dress as a parachute.

Best of all, Carolina Herrera was our first stop, so I avoided an afternoon of bridal gown mayhem.

Oh yeah, and I got a veil too! Bada bing, bada boom. A Pink Wedding Dress With Pockets!  (Just 17 Minutes in Carolina Herrera)