A Satmar Protest?

Police officers at the 90th precinct in Brooklyn are “looking at” a man picked up this morning in connection with an alleged fight last month at the synagogue on Rodney street in Williamsburg, according to Michael Levoff a spokesman for the police department.

Mr. Levoff stressed that as of now, no charges have been filed, but that hasn’t stopped the warring factions within the Satmar community from using this latest development to try and paint the other side as bullies

Supporters of Aaron Teitelbaum, the eldest son of the Grand Rebbe Moses Teitelbaum, whose death last month sparked a battle of succession, claim that the man in the precinct is responsible for the broken finger of one of Aaron’s supporters.

Scott E. Mollen, a lawyer who represents another Teitelbaum brother, Zalmen, counters that the supporters of Aaron were responsible for any disturbance, and noted that the Zalmen supporter in the station was only being questioned about that. If anything, he said, the aggressors were in Aaron’s camp.

“The guard he hired could have easily helped the New York Giants front line,” he said.

Now there are rumors of a protest planned by Zalmen supporters outside the 90th precinct this evening, but Mr. Mollen said he had heard similar rumors about a protest there this morning, and that never happened. A Satmar Protest?