At ‘Oscars of the Wedding Industry,’ I Step on Kate Spade’s Foot

ERICA: I just returned from the Modern Bride Top 25 Trendsetter Awards Dinner at the Ritz Carlton. By some insane miracle of divine intervention, Modern Bride chose me and Paper Bride along with 24 super talented/interesting/cool wedding industry professionals for their 2006 trendsetter awards. The evening has apparently been called the “Oscars of the Wedding Industry” and there were enough heavy hitting bridal superstars around to make any bride-to-be drool. I drank carefully engineered cocktails, mixed and mingled and stepped on Kate Spade’s foot.

Me on page 292 of Modern Bride’s summer issue.

I shared an elevator with event planning rockstar Preston Bailey (who told my Aunt Kim that she “was really workin’ it” with her dress), met Molly Shannon’s videographer, which was a bit of serendipity since we hired Molly Shannon’s photographer Teness Herman.

Best of all I got this gorgeous, heavy crystal award for being an “innovative trendsetter” on the one year anniversary, to the day, of the launch of my business. Color me flattered to the nth degree. There were no
tear filled speeches or dancing showgirls, but here are some other highlights and observations of the evening:

* “Business chic” (listed on the invitation) resulted in everything from jeans to a ball gown.

* Though I fully expected to hate Starr Jones, in person she was actually funny and gave a very sweet speech before presenting her event planner David Tutera with his award.

* Ashleigh Banfield is one kick ass dancer. She’s a great reporter too, but man can this chick rock out.

* A sweet woman named Brooke, from Macy’s Bridal Marketing Department, called me out on my blogging and offered us any registry help we need. Wow, people really read this!

* Trista and Ryan (from The Bachelorette) are still together! I was going to chat with Trista (who was a presenter) because her wedding was at The Lodge at Rancho Mirage, where our guests are going to stay. I had an opportunity on the way back from the bathroom but I chickened out.

* For any brides who are lucky enough to have the cash to consider a wedding at the Ritz Carlton Battery Park, the food was divine, the views were spectacular and the bathrooms were kick ass.

* We got a 17 pound gift bag, with all sorts of wonderful goodies, but my favorite was the red velvet cupcake from Cakeman Raven (another one of the honorees). For me, there’s nothing like coming home, kicking my shoes off and hunkering down with a dee-licious cupcake. (Does anyone wonder why I’m always bitching that I need to lose weight?)

Well, I’m a Modern Bride trendsetter. You just never know.

At ‘Oscars of the Wedding Industry,’  I Step on Kate Spade’s Foot