Beyond Decker

So the website of Wave 3 news, an NBC affiliate way out in Louisville, has a story on its Website that Bill Weld might want to read. The web site reports that FBI investigators are checking out a trade school (ring a bell?) owned by two brothers, Jeffrey and Gerald Woodcox. This school was set up to test truckers applying for commercial licenses, but the brothers also ran Decker College Inc, which Weld became chief executive of in January 2005 for a salary of $700,000.

That enterprise, of course, turned out to be a major headache to Weld and a threat to his ambitions for the Governor’s mansion when the Feds began investigating it for forging documents to get federal loans. Weld has staunchly denied any wrongdoing, but he must be cursing himself for getting into business with the Woodcox brothers to begin with.

From the Wave 3 report.

Investigators say up to 4,000 truck drivers in the Midwest got their Commercial Drivers Licenses without the proper testing, at a testing center called CDTA.
CDTA is owned by two brothers: Jeffrey and Gerald Woodcox of Louisville, although the testing center is located outside of St. Louis, in Sikeston, Missouri.

—Jason Horowitz Beyond Decker