Bloomberg’s Element

Mayor Bloomberg presented the 2007 Executive Budget in the Blue Room this morning, and, as is true whenever Mike finds himself pointing a little red laser at a flat screen full of charts and numbers, he seemed especially relaxed, on his game and in his element.

He spoke in a knowing, breezy manner about New York being on “firm financial ground,” quoted John Kennedy (“The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining,”) and held forth on his favorite hobby (“Medicine is becoming more expensive as pharmacology replaces surgery to cure things.”)

Then the floor opened to questions and the Mayor suddenly seemed to lose some of his eloquence.

On the Moussaoui verdict he mustered up “I hope that he suffers in jail for a very long time… as un-nice a jail as the law would allow.”

And addressing a question of whether the effort to rebuild Ground Zero began too soon, he answered “People’s emotions run high, they want to do things.”

—Jason Horowitz Bloomberg’s Element