Changing Albany But Keeping Nassau the Same

A curious fact: in Democratic-trending Nassau County, where all five State Senators are Republicans, there are no Democratic challengers in this year’s election.

This has led one Senate Democratic insider to come up with a number of sinister-sounding conspiracy theories, all leading back to…

Tom Suozzi.

The insider, who complains of a general lack of communication from the Nassau County party officials with their Senate counterparts, thinks that Suozzi is either a) expressing anger with David Paterson over the Minority Leader’s decision to run with Eliot Spitzer or b) signatory to a fiendish pact with the leadership of the Senate Republican majority made possible by a common dislike of Spitzer.

The unofficial response from a Suozzi advisor: “This is the latest in a long line of loopy conspiracy theories.”

Changing Albany But Keeping Nassau the Same