Conde Touts Cafeteria 2.0

The following missive was delivered to Conde Nast staffers May 2 on a heavy, cream-colored card, nine inches by five inches, with perforated silhouettes of forks, knives, and spoons:

Let’s do Lunch. This summer step into the future at the new Conde Nast cafeteria on the second floor at 750 Third Avenue.

Enter through a motion corridor with an incandescent glass wall that leads you to the serving area. 70,000 radiant lights create different atmospheres throughout the course of the day.

Restaurant Associates – whose passion for food and attention for detail are highly commended–will manage our newest cafeteria location as well. Breakfast and lunch will be served daily, and special lunchtime offerings will include a sushi bar, custom salad station, international specials and more.

Beginning this summer, employees will be able to use one common card for building access and food purchase in our cafeteria in 750 Third Avenue and 4 Times Square.

Stay tuned for more details as we approach the grand opening and go to connect to see images of cafeteria

–Gabriel Sherman Conde Touts Cafeteria 2.0