Convention Soothsaying II: Your Predictions

Last Friday, we solicited your magic eight-ball readings about how the the voting would shake out at the two state conventions starting today in Buffalo and Hempstead. After sifting through the comments and emails (and inevitable campaign season spin), three popular themes seemed to emerge: Faso will win the Republican nomination by a hefty margin, though Weld will still get on the ballot; Cuomo will win the Democratic one; and Joe Bruno will have the best hair. Beyond that, you, our readers, were in less agreement.

Some predicted that Mark Green would get his 25 percent, but at least two suggested that he would fall short of the magical number. A few speculated that the gap between Green and O’Donnell was narrower than generally assumed, and one reader claimed to have heard that Cuomo was actually closer to 40 percent, while Green was around 10 percent but trailing O’Donnell and King in state committee votes than him.

Or maybe we’re just deluding ourselves. In the words of one skeptical reader: “Yawn. The convention is pre-ordained.”

Please let us know what you’re hearing today.

— Lizzy Ratner

Convention Soothsaying II: Your Predictions