Convention Soothsaying

We will confess: we have no crystal balls here at Politicker headquarters. But you, our readers, might. So we thought we would throw out some questions about next week’s Democratic and Republican State conventions and ask you all to wave your magic wands, tap your psychic feet, or whatever it is you do, and come up with some possible answers.

Here are some of the mysteries we’ve been trying to muddle through:

* Will Cuomo get 50% of the convention votes, as has been suggested, to become the official Democratic party candidate?
* Will Mark Green make it to the magical 25 percent mark? (The mark that would automatically place him on the ballot?) Could another candidate somehow snare that honor?
* On the Republican side, what kind of percentages do people predict for Faso and Weld?
* Is the Dicker scenario, whereby both candidates get the same number of votes, really a possibility?
* Is it at all possible that Weld won’t make it to 25%?
* Will there be any big surprises? What might they be?
* Who will have the best hair?

Please feel free to write up your predictions in the comments section. We will post the most interesting, insightful, and/or surprising ones later.

— Lizzy Ratner

Convention Soothsaying