Creamee Becomes Creamer

Way, way down near the end of the write-up of the latest New York Zogby poll is this:

The survey also showed that the two Democratic candidates for state attorney general, NYC Public Advocate Mark Green and former cabinet Secretary Andrew Cuomo, are locked in a tight battle for public support. Cuomo leads Green, 28% to 26%, with three other candidates far behind.

That’s puts the race about as close as anything I’ve seen, coming well within the poll’s margin of error. It also provides an interesting contrast to the “Andy Creams Green” storyline from yesterday’s convention.

If Andrew Cuomo’s last bid for statewide office is any guide, the convention result is the better leading indicator than any public poll taken this early. Then again, if Cuomo’s last bid were any guide, he would have been the one getting creamed yesterday.

Go figure. Creamee Becomes Creamer