Cuomo and Green, Spinning Us Like Tops!

As the Cuomo campaign continues to stuff reporters’ inboxes with news of new and ever more obscure (though not necessarily insignificant) endorsements — Schenectady County Legislature Chairwoman Susan Savagethe, Schenectady Mayor Brian Stratton, Ulster County Democratic Chair John Parete — the Green campaign has kept up its own barrage of missives “confirming” its latest core message: that the AG’s race is now a two-person game.

In an e-mail sent around to reporters and supporters this afternoon, Green campaign manager Anne Strahle once again cited last week’s Quinnipiac Poll as evidence that the gap between Green and Cuomo is narrowing. The poll showed Cuomo beating Green 34%-26% in a state-wide match-up (or, by four points less than the March 30th Quinnipiac poll). It also showed Green leading 37% – 27% among New York City voters.

But while the race might in fact be tightening among potential voters, the evidence is mixed as to whether it is tightening fast enough to sway insiders who are still deciding where to throw their support.

— Lizzy Ratner Cuomo and Green, Spinning Us Like Tops!