Cuomo at the Threshold

So up in Buffalo they are finishing up the nominating and seconding speeches for the Attorney General candidates. We called Wendy Katz, a Cuomo aide to check the campaign’s confidence level. After ducking into a quiet corner of the convention hall, Katz at first struck a tone of cautious optimism.

“Anything can happen on the convention floor, we’re just hoping to get our 25 percent and anything else we can get will be extra.”

She flatly denied the day’s rumors that Cuomo operatives were trying to strike deals with the Mark Green and Denise O’Donnell camps to keep one of the two candidates, or both, below the 25 percent threshold. She said the Cuomo camp is focused on Cuomo getting the chance to speak.

“He is just going to talk about how he is going to use his record and his experience to stand up to the gun lobby and to medicaid fraud. He is just going to be talking about how he is going to keep fighting for people.”

So much for cautious optimism.

—Jason Horowitz Cuomo at the Threshold