DA Talks Fire, More Satmar Arrests

Before Mayor Bloomberg began his afternoon press conference, Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes stood on the sidelines talking arson and Satmar arrests.

While fire marshals are still determining the cause of yesterday’s 10-alarm fire, Hynes noted that besides motives like “spite” and “kicks,” arson is often perpetrated for profit.

At that point, Hynes was asked whether the fact that another of the owner’s buildings went up in flames in 2004 was a coincidence. “We’ll see how coincidental it was,” he answered with a hint of skepticism.

Hynes then switched his attention from Greenpoint to Williamsburg, and confirmed the arrest yesterday of a member of the Satmar community for “assault and disorderly conduct” relating to last month’s scuffle in the Rodney street Synagogue.

He also said that he suspected “we will have another arrest today” in connection with yet another fight between the supporters of warring brothers Aaron and Zalmen Teitelbaum.

“And there will be more,” said Hynes. “It has to be made clear to the leadership of both sides that if you come to commit crime in the county you will be arrested.”

—Jason Horowitz DA Talks Fire, More Satmar Arrests