[em]Time[/em]’s M.E. Shopping List: Jacob Weisberg

According to two sources with knowledge of Time magazine’s search for a new managing editor, Time Inc. editor-in-chief John Huey has approached Slate editor Jacob Weisberg to see if he would be interested in the position.

“I shouldn’t say anything about it,” Weisberg said by phone. “I love my job and am happy where I am.”

Time declined to discuss the subject of a replacement for current managing editor Jim Kelly. “We couldn’t be firmer in saying Jim is the guy,” Time Inc. spokesperson Dawn Bridges said. “People like to speculate. Jim has the honor of working for the flagship of Time Inc. and Time Warner. The name is on the building, and a lot of things come with that. One of those things is a bigger microscope.”

But according to multiple sources with knowledge of the search, Time is actively looking for a new managing editor. One source said that Huey has consulted Michael Kinsley, Slate‘s founding editor, about candidates to consider. According to another source, Time initially approached Weisberg this spring to discuss Time‘s Internet strategy. Since then, Huey reached out to Weisberg to discuss the managing-editor position.

–Gabriel Sherman

[em]Time[/em]’s M.E. Shopping List: Jacob Weisberg