Endodontists for Rudy!

Maggie Haberman’s item on Rudy Giuliani hiring Anne Dickerson to raise cash for his PAC, and presumably for his 2008 presidential campaign.

Dickerson was the head of the Pioneer and Ranger fund-raising levels for George Bush’s 2004 bid.

Rudy’s protestations that it’s too early to contemplate a presidential bid are pretty uninteresting.

It’s more interesting that it’s too early for anyone to talk to Pat Healy at the Times about a Rudy bid:

She is respected in Washington fund-raising circles for running the so-called Pioneer and Ranger donation programs and has a good reputation among New York Republicans who were active with her in the Bush campaign in 2004. Several of these Republicans declined to comment yesterday, however, because they did not want to be seen aligning with a possible candidate at this time. (emphasis added)

– Tom McGeveran

Endodontists for Rudy!