Faso’s La-La Land

Could John Faso, in his wildest dreams, imagine that it would come to this?

Just a few months after the always-measured Stephen Minarik accused him of living in “la-la land” over his political strength, there was a satisfied-looking Faso on NY1 accusing Bill Weld of being the “desperate candidate” in the Republican primary.

Giving the knife an extra half-turn, considering Weld’s view of himself as the rhetorical heir of either Lincoln or Douglas (or both), Faso also had this to say about his learned opponent: “I think that you can’t run for governor of New York and hide from the press and hide from the media.”

Watch the actual segment here.

UPDATE: Urban Elephants finds additional momentum for Faso.

FURTHER UPDATE: Speaking of rhetorical airs, a helpful commentator points out that I meant “heir.” Thanks. Faso’s La-La Land