Ferraro Still Likes Cuomo, Not Green

For those who are interested, Geraldine Ferraro was kind enough to fill us in this morning’s “Women for Andrew Cuomo” breakfast at the Sheraton.

She said it was “amazing to see the number of women who were there,” and said that Christine Quinn gave a “dynamite, impassioned” speech on abortion rights.

She also said she was willing to get up early this morning because of the special connection she has to the Cuomo family.

“I’ve known his family and him since he was a little boy. Matilda Cuomo and I used to sit in a dancing school on Parsons Boulevard watching our daughters.”


Asked about Mr. Cuomo’s actual qualifications for the job he’s seeking, she cited his “managerial experience,” from HUD, and said that it was no big deal that Mr. Cuomo hasn’t practiced law for some time now. Oh, and she took at a shot at her old friend Mark Green.

“I became a lawyer in 1960 and got married two years after and didn’t practice until 1974. The law is not something you are going to forget,” she said noting that within two years of entering the DA’s office she was made bureau chief. In two years I was a bureau chief. Remember at HUD he supervised 350 lawyers. Mark Green hasn’t practiced law at all.”

—Jason Horowitz

The Green campaign writes in with a response.

“We think Geraldine Ferraro is far too classy to be used as a campaign attack surrogate, but we’ll be glad to march Mark’s experience running a consumer law enforcement agency suing hundreds of businesses for fraud, with Andrew’s housing efforts. One has a history that fits an Attorney General, the other a history that fits a housing czar.

And speaking of the law, why won’t Gerry’s candidate disclose his clients, taxes and investments, as Richard Brodsky and then Mark Green did?”

Ferraro Still Likes Cuomo, Not Green