Freddie Reconsidering?

In light of this morning’s Daily News article about contributions David Yassky has received from developers, Brooklyn District Leader Freddie Hamilton may now be reconsidering her endorsement of the Council Member for Congress.

Yassky spokesperson, Evan Thies, declined to comment saying, “I’m not going to comment on it until I get a call from Freddie. That’s pure speculation.” [ADD]

Yassky announced the endorsement in a May 7th press release.

(As a sidenote, that article can now be found in the boroughs section of the News website, although it was in the politics section this morning.)

—Nicole Brydson

UPDATE: This in from Freddie Hamilton:

“Council Member David Yassky has always been on the right side of issues that affect my community in Brooklyn–including good government and affordable housing. For those reasons, and many more, I am pleased to support his campaign for Congress. I hope to stand with him and celebrate victory on election day.

“New York is facing serious issues. The people who try to divide voters, and distract them from the real issues have no place in this election.”

Freddie Reconsidering?