Governor Kryptonite?

The State Democratic Committee has come up with the intriguing theory that George Pataki’s endorsement will be as helpful as a stomach virus to whoever gets it.

Citing the governor’s “toxic” approval ratings, a helpful backgrounder concluded that “his endorsement could ultimately be a net negative, if not irrelevant.”

This, as the governor is reported to be on the verge of embracing Bill Weld in the Republican primary. (And, of course, as the governor is maintaining the posture of a potential presidential candidate.)

Faso, for his part, doesn’t seem to mind, dispensing in a conversation with Capital Confidential with any pro-forma denial of the governor’s antipathy towards his candidacy.

On one hand, the Pataki-as-poison hypothesis is perfectly dismissible — another excuse for a partisan press release. (And for a highly thoughtful, carefully considered blog post.)

On the other, the numbers seem to lend some credence to the notion: the most recent Quinnipiac poll had the governor’s approval ratings at 45-44… among Republicans.

It leads me to wonder if the Weld people have done any polling of their own on the potential impact of a Pataki endorsement.

And, if the governor decides to stage an endorsement press conference, whether Weld will show up.

UPDATE: Capital Confidential reports that Pataki’s endorsement is less imminent by the minute. Governor Kryptonite?